HR Consulting

At Ignite HR Solutions, we work along side upper management to create an organizational roadmap that is designed to not just reach your business goals, but turn your organization into an employer of choice where employees feel educated, empowered and valued.

We pinpoint issues and opportunities in your current strategy and make recommendations to align with your business goals. Our team is made up of industry powerhouses who are not only up to date on new laws and policies, but also implement policies and procedures that address critical business needs. We work with you to build a strong company culture while implementing compliant employment practices in a manner that works for your team and your industry.

Human Resources Practice Areas

Talent Management

Right person. Right role. Right time.

Performance Management

Providing feedback on employee performance and foster communication between management and employees.

Leadership Development

Providing resources and tools to help foster individual strengths and prepare a career roadmap at the organization.

Policy and Procedure Development

Developing a committee of leaders to develop future employee policies, i.e., an employee handbook.