HR To-Do List

HR To Do List: May

May has historically been a slower month for HR, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. In fact, slower months present an excellent opportunity to focus on your company’s culture, plan exciting office events, and prepare for the summer ahead, whether it’s your busiest season or your slowest.

HR To Do List: April

Welcome Spring!

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you already know that our theme of the month is Spring Cleaning! This applies not only to the home; a good spring cleaning at the office can have a huge impact on productivity!

HR To Do List: March

It has been a wacky couple of months when it comes to weather patterns! The San Francisco Bay Area is experiencing the start of the spring season, but with a rainy twist.

HR To Do List: February

Whew! January has sure blown by quickly! Punxsutawney Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter. Don’t put away those fuzzy sweaters yet! Let’s start thinking about all things pink, red, and heart-shaped! (And, OK, think about some work, too!)