October '20 HR To Do List

Monday, October 5, 2020

It’s already October! The beginning of fall makes us think of all things pumpkin-spice…and year-end!  As we start winding down (or up!) for the holiday season, there is still some work left in the next couple months. Below are some upcoming deadlines and end of year things to keep you on track. 


  • Start analyzing your YTD (year to date) turnover rates by department. Turnover can give you a glimpse about your company processes, procedures, leadership, and culture. Is your company driving the right talent for your organization? How does hiring, firing and replacement effect your company costs?
  • This is a good time to update, review, and audit your internal and external HR and recruiting websites. Is the information up to date? How can you make it competitive in comparison to other organizations? 
  • 2020 has brought many changes! Make sure you’re in compliance with local ordinances. If you’re not sure of your local laws, let us know! We’re glad to help. Your local town/city websites are a great place to start also; most have sections for business owners to address these items.
  • 2020 has issued several mandatory updates to labor posters. It’s important to understand how these updates affect your business’s labor law posting requirements.
  • Are you in full compliance with all new regulations regarding COVID-19 and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and state or local ordinances? Many of these ordinances vary by state or county, so be sure you are in compliance with the most stringent ordinances in your area. 
  • Many employees have been working from home for more than six months now! Have you sent a “care package” to them recently? Keeping morale up is always important, but right now it’s proving even more important. Let employees know you appreciate them, the work they are doing on a daily basis, and the hurdles everyone is jumping, no matter what they are, to get to work every day. 
  • CHECK IN. It’s been six months. Check in with your team as a human and make sure you know how each of them feel. Do you have some employees that need more support than others? Some that are more nervous about contracting COVID than others? Some struggling with kids doing school from home? Others struggling with loneliness? If your company offers an EAP (Employee Assistance Program), this is a fantastic time to promote it and encourage people to use it! 
  • Are there any upcoming legal changes that will need to be incorporated into your handbook for 2021? Make sure your current handbook is up to date and be on the lookout for changes coming next year.  
  • The holiday known as Columbus Day occurs in October, this year on the 12th. The Holiday has had some controversy surrounding it in recent years. Does your company take this day off? What do you call this day? How do you ensure you’re respectful of everyone on your team in offering the day off?
  • Prepare managers for year-end reviews; remind them to start thinking about the reviews now so they don’t fall into the trap of only reviewing an employee’s performance during the last month of the review period. 
  • Are you planning a Halloween party for your employees? Whether virtual or in-person, Halloween is a great time to do some team building and a great venue for employees to relax and be themselves. Be sure to hold time on calendars early in the day – many parents will want to take the afternoon off to be with the kids. (Trick or Treating may look different this year – can you send candy packages to employees? Send them another “pick-me-up?” Be sure to send them to everyone and not just parents!)
  • Is your holiday schedule posted yet? If your operating hours change for the holidays, let employees know sooner rather than later so they can adjust accordingly.  Be sure to post any paid company holidays for November, December, and January as well. Employees need time to plan ahead!


Have a safe and happy Halloween!