March '18 HR To Do List

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Is spring in the air where you live? Usually by March there’s some cabin fever setting in and we’re ready for spring…but here in the Bay Area, the rainy season seems to have just started!

March is the last month of Q1, so be sure to get those goals out, dust ’em off, and see what you need to get done before the end of the first quarter of 2018! There’s always plenty to do in our HR world; here’s our list for March:

  • If you provide prescription drug coverage to employees who are eligible for Medicare Part D, you need to submit your disclosure by March 1st. You can do this online here.
  • Friday, March 2nd is Employee Appreciation Day! What are you doing to show your employees how much you appreciate everything they do each day?
  • March is National Women’s History Month. For ideas to get your company involved, visit the National Women’s History Project or  the Women’s History Month site.
  • Remind employees about Daylight Savings Time! Except in Arizona and Hawaii, we’ll spring forward at 2am on Sunday, March 11.
  • Don’t forget St. Patrick’s Day! The 17th falls on a Saturday this year which helps eliminate too many parties at the office – but if you do want to celebrate, be sure to remind employees of your company’s “rules of engagement” when it comes to office parties.
  • March 14 is Pi Day! Consider bringing some real pie into the office for a fun Wednesday treat!
  • Keep your OSHA Form 300A posted this month.

Have a great month, and for more tips, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!