Make every vote count!

Tuesday, September 24th, 2020

California Election Code Section 14001 requires that employers post this notice to their employees 10 days before the November 3rd election date informing them of eligible paid leave for the purpose of voting in a statewide election.  The poster should be posted in a place visible to all employees or emailed before October 24, 2020.

We recommend emailing to all employees, of course, considering most employees are working from home at this time.

Want to incentivize your employees to vote?

  • Consider making Election Day a paid holiday! This is a growing trend we are seeing more and more of, especially for Presidential elections.
  • Hold a brown bag (virtual or in-person…or both, depending on your workforce) that talks about the importance of voting and perhaps the history of the vote. Contact us today for a great template for this conversation!

DO NOT GET POLITICAL! We recommend that employers get political only if it makes sense for the business. We never want to stop someone from expressing their views and exercising their Constitutional rights, but encouraging it at work can get very sticky for employers. Keep the conversation to encouraging people to vote, no matter who or what they vote to support.

Download your Time Off to Vote Notice to show your employer here.